December 5, 2012
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Walls extruding from house plansIf you have ever called around to get a quote for any residential drafting work you probably would have noticed the major variances in pricing.  Throughout the industry there are different levels of service and standards of documentation.

With this in mind it makes it hard for clients to select a drafting firm simply based on price.  Unless the client knows what exactly they are paying for (plans and service) it is impossible for them to determine if they are getting value for money.

Service levels can range from basic to full service drafting Brisbane Building Design company Impact Design and Drafting are happy to provide a full service or a basic no frills option.

We believe our design work is of a very high standard and we are happy to show clients samples of our past projects  We provide quality documentation and details for all our projects.

The 5 things you need to know before you engage a drafting service in Brisbane:

  1. What level of service is being offered
  2. What level of documentation is being offered
  3. What is the policy on variations and plan changes
  4. How long will it take to complete the project
  5. The price of the service

If you gather these 5 pieces of information from the companies you are investigating it is a good start and will enable you to compare apples with apples and select the right company for your needs.


About the Author Brett Richardson

I have been a Building Designer since 2007 working on a wide range of residential projects around South-East Queensland which has given me the experience and knowledge to be confident in my designs.  When I'm not in the office I will either be surfing, camping, renovating or generally just staying active.  I've just started Pickleball as well (Google it!)

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  1. Hi we are looking at reconfiguring our front entrance and stairs to allow more room and height. Also we are wanting to design a outdoor sitting and kitchenette area.

    Is this something you would be interested in quoting. These are the last 2 major items of our ongoing renovation.

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