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Interior Design Peter Pan poster from Spineless ClassicsIn this series of posts I will be showcasing funky and clever interior design ideas that I have found both on the web and through magazines.  Choosing art or furniture is a highly subjective and personal thing and I hope this series gives you inspiration to find that special piece.

Using art or unusual pieces of furniture is a great way to easily lift a room and it creates a nice focal point within the space.

Interior Design ideas with Spineless Classics

Spineless Classics take classic literature and prints them onto posters that can than be hung on the wall in the living room, bedroom or any where else you decide.  There are two print sizes 100 x 70cm or 84 x 119cm both are standard framing sizes.  The 100 x 70cm size poster can fit the Ikea RIBBA frame series which is handy and a great looking economical choice.

Spineless Classics use a 4 point font size which is legible to the average person and makes it possible to read the entire book whilst it is hanging on your wall!

If there is a book you would like printed and Spineless Classics do not have it in their range they will try to obtain the publishing rights to re-print the text, all you have to do is ask.  Also, if you have written a book and would like it printed they can do that as well.

For a creative interior design idea that will get your friends talking check out Spineless Classics.


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