There are many things to consider when designing a deck. You can use this Essential Design Guide to ensure nothing is forgotten.

The Essential Design Guide Series: Decks

There are a few factors which must be considered when deciding if you need building approval for a deck. Read on to see if you need approval for your deck.

Do I Need To Get Building Approval For a Deck in Qld?

In this series of posts I will be showcasing funky and clever interior design ideas that I have found both on the web and through magazines.  Choosing art or furniture is a highly subjective and personal thing and I hope this series gives you inspiration to find that special piece. Using art or unusual pieces

Interior Design • Spinelss Classics

If you have ever called around to get a quote for any residential drafting work you probably would have noticed the major variances in pricing.  Throughout the industry there are different levels of service and standards of documentation. With this in mind it makes it hard for clients to select a drafting firm simply based

Quoting drafting Brisbane work

Sustainable building design encapsulates the entirety of the building design process and the construction of the house or renovation.  It affects what materials you use in construction and what fixtures are installed for ongoing use within the home. Sustainable design starts at the very beginning of the design process with site selection, it is all

Sustainable Home Design (Part 1)

The first home owners construction grant (FHOCG) was introduced by the state government in the 2012 – 13 Queensland state budget.  It is available to first home owners who will be purchasing or building themselves a brand new home.  The grant will not be available to first home home owners who buy an established home.

First home owner construction grant

Winter is almost over, with Spring around the corner and everyone loves a BBQ.  The great Australian BBQ is iconic and with the average new home having an alfresco area as a standard inclusion there are more and more options and types of BBQ’s which are available. BBQ’s aren’t just great for summer but they

BBQ and the great outdoors. How Aussie is that!

The Queensland State government are looking at removing the mandatory inclusion of rain water tanks for new built homes from State legislation.  Have they forgotten about the six year drought (2001 – 2007) that we have just endured, where dam levels were at record lows? The mandatory inclusion of rain water tanks for new homes

No Rainwater Tank makes No Sense!

With the pessimistic view the media has chosen to take on our current economic situation a lot of home owners are looking at renovating.  Brisbane has an abundance of great residential locations which is why a lot of people like their current address and would like to extend.  The first thing to consider is the current layout

Home renovations in Brisbane

Many people are unaware that a Building Designer in Queensland can perform the same scope of work as an Architect.  As long as the Building Designer is licensed by the Queensland Building Services Authority to an appropriate level the sky is the limit.  Projects can range from small residential renovations or extensions to large commercial

Why choose a Building Designer?