House raised in TarragindiLooking to update your existing home?

Not sure where to start or what to do?

There are many reasons why people choose to embark on a renovation. Investors do it for profit, home owners because they like the location and enjoy the environment (i.e. neighbours, friends).

The most common reason we hear is the family is growing and it is putting pressure on the existing household and extra room and space is needed.

No matter what your motivation is to engage in a renovation there are always certain guidelines that must be followed.  The core renovation principles are simple:

  • it must increase the functionality/useability of the home
  • it must improve the homes aesthetics
  • it should be cost effective and;
  • increase the value of the home

Renovations can range from simply slapping a coat of fresh paint on to a complete rework of the entire home.  The entire process can get overwhelming and out of control really quickly and budgets go out the window.

The best question to keep asking yourself during the process is ‘What are we trying to achieve?’.

Researching products and ideas on the internet is a great way to gather information, but it also has the potential to overload and distract you from the original trigger for the renovation.

A budget blow out can take the exciting experience of renovating your home and turn it into something that is not so fun.  So be mindful of your budget ceiling and design within your means.

We at Impact Design & Drafting have extensive experience with optimizing renovations and getting results which our clients love.

We treat every renovation the same whether it be doing a complete makeover of a 100 year old Queenslander in inner Brisbane or simple doing a garage conversion we understand your home is your castle and we will work towards the best outcome.