Large deck with insulated roofingHow’s that deck working out for you? Don’t have one? You should get one, they’re awesome!

Adding an extension such as a deck or patio onto an existing house is one of the best improvements and the best value dollar for dollar you can do.  In South East Queensland we are blessed with awesome weather for most of the year (except for that really windy and cold week in August also known as EKKA time) and to not take advantage of this simple pleasure is scandalous.

Entertaining indoors is fine, but nothing compares to sitting outside under a covered deck on a Sunday afternoon, temperature at a comfortable 28 having a few cold beers with your mates seeing out the week.

Of course decks aren’t the only extension you can add onto your house.  Adding a room or parents retreat is one we see a lot.  Usually, there aren’t too many problems with doing this type of extension but you do have to be wary of the existing positioning of pipes and electrical cables around your house. If you can’t afford to add a room onto your house there is the option of a carport?

Everyone loves a carport. Why should a car occupy prime real estate (under your house roof) when they can be just as happy and safe outside in a secure carport and then you can use the garage space for something useful like a ‘man cave’ or ‘Home Theatre Room’. Think of the possibilities being able to add an extra 30m2 – 40m2 of living space (depending on the size of your garage) with little cost.

I’m not talking about one of those lifeless prefabbed steel structures. You need a carport with character, a carport with a little substance after all it sits at the front of your home and you want it to look good you want it to have IMPACT.

So whether you need a deck, patio, gazebo, carport or an additional room Impact Design & Drafting have you covered and are happy to help to make your project a success.