Building a new home is the biggest investment most people will make in their lives so it is imperative that the design of the home is absolutely right. A design for one person might not have the right flow or feel for another.

Our philosophy is to guide you through the design process and not impose our ideas or preferences onto you. Our experience in design is extensive but in no way do we believe we always know best. You know what you like and we design your new home in a partnership with you.

In Brisbane and the South-East region of Queensland there are many different types of blocks ranging from large acreage to 300m2 infill blocks close to Brisbane CBD. It is getting harder and harder to find blocks that are completely flat and it is more common to have land that has a degree of fall over the building pad.

Sloping blocks present interesting design alternatives like suspended floors, split level homes and interesting landscaping options. Councils usually control the amount of cut and fill that is allowed on a block so if there is a large amount of excavation work to do the land can always be terraced.

There should be some excitement about designing and building your new home because it’s a chance to customize and control the way you live and entertain friends and family.

A great place to get design ideas for your new home is to visit display villages where you can actually get a feel for the space and how it might work with your ideas for the perfect home.

We at Impact Design & Drafting would love to help you design and document your new home and take you on the exciting journey of concept to completion. It really is EXCITING!