July 17, 2012
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Renovated House in Mt Gravatt, BrisbaneWith the pessimistic view the media has chosen to take on our current economic situation a lot of home owners are looking at renovating.  Brisbane has an abundance of great residential locations which is why a lot of people like their current address and would like to extend.  The first thing to consider is the current layout of the existing residence.  Usually this controls or determines what can and can’t be done within a project, that is if you have a tight budget.  If money is not a restricting factor in your decision making then by all means dream big.

Before clients engage a Building Designer it is best that they have clear in their head what they want to achieve and the budget they wish to spend.  A good way to realise the possibilities which are available is to ignore the current uses of existing rooms.  Once a basic layout of the existing structure has been drawn and the walls of the new extension added  you can then start to visualise the possibilities.  It is always better to start with a blank canvas then to try and design around pre-existing restrictions.  Maybe changing the Dining Room to a Family Room will enhance the liveability of your home, so open your mind and get rid of the preconceived configuration of  your house.  Let the design flow.

Once you have a general idea about what you want it is then time to have your designer begin the drafting.  Brisbane has a number of talented Building Designers but all are not equal make sure you view examples of their past work and get references.  Your Building Designer will inform you of setback and council requirements and other factors which may determine the viability of your proposed project.  There are a lot of factors which could increase the cost of your renovation. To Be Continued……

About the Author Brett Richardson

I have been a Building Designer since 2007 working on a wide range of residential projects around South-East Queensland which has given me the experience and knowledge to be confident in my designs.  When I'm not in the office I will either be surfing, camping, renovating or generally just staying active.  I've just started Pickleball as well (Google it!)

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