The Design Brief (Residentail Carport)

This is the carport I designed and built at my current house. I wanted a carport with a little more visual presence and substance compared to a stock standard prefabricated metal carport. Considering it is the first impression people get of my house it needs to look good.

We had a number of issues to contend with the first we were encroaching on the 6m front setback as we wanted to build to the front boundary and secondly, there was a main sewer line 2m inside my front boundary.

The execution

We were building over a sewer line (BOS-build over sewer application was required from Logan City Council) which is located 2m from my front boundary and the post spacing was adjusted accordingly.

We also encroached on the standard 6m front setback and this triggered the requirement for a setback relaxation.  All of these type of applications are handled by the private certifiers.

The finished roof sheeting needed to tuck under the 300mm overhang of the front gable of the house to enable me not to have to use any flashing at that junction.

In order to make this happen (with a head clearance of 2100mm to the bottom of the beam) I needed the right height combination for the roof beam and rafters.

Everything said and done I believe the finished carport came up a winner.