The Renovation Challenge

This renovation was a challenging one.  Wappa Falls Road is located in the Sunshine Coast hinterland and this particular site was in the middle of the rain forest with a gnarly slope to contend with. The structures material needed to be highly resistant to moist penetration and also be aesthetically pleasing.

The clients had an idea of what they wanted.  They just needed the finishing touches to make this build amazing.  The site already consisted of a 3 bedroom stone walled home and the clients wanted something that would compliment the original residence with regards to build style and feel.

Having a fall of 4m over the proposed building platform of 10m ruled out the use of stone wall construction for this renovation.  The only way to build such a structure over the edge of a cliff was to use a suspended floor system with light weight cladding.  The clients wanted an external cladding that would replicate the feel of the heavy exposed timbers used in the original house.

The Solution

We decided on the use of Boral‘s Evolution Rough Sawn Cladding treated with an oil based treatment to help with decreasing moisture penetration into the timber (there is a lot of moisture in a rain forest) and to get the desired look and feel of the retreat.

The clients administered the build themselves which enabled them to add a bit of personality to the building.  The renovation was completed on time and on budget.  The clients now have a fantastic space to entertain relatives and friends with heaps of character built in.